Shavuos 5777

Shavuos program info, all night learning, and first day kid’s ice cream (Day 1 at 5pm) and women’s shiur.

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Weekly Parsha: Korach

Parsha – Korach: Korach’s rebellion, Moshe’s challenge, murmuring against Moshe, Aaron’s rod, contributions to the Kohanim and Leviim.

Weekly Parsha: Chukos

Parsha Chukos: The red heifer, the death of Miriam, Moshe striking the rock, the death of Aharon and serpents attack.


Emessaries: Shabbos Korach

Erev Shabbos Fri June 23
– Shachris: 5:45/6:45
– Early Mincha: 6:25pm
– Plag HaMincha: 6:38pm
Candlelighting: 7:49pm
– Mincha/Maariv: 7:55pm

Shabbos Day, June 24
– Shachris: 7:00am/8:45am
– Mussar Shiur: 7:00pm
– Mincha: 7:45pm
– Alei Shur Shiur:  8:49pm
– Shabbos Ends/Maariv: 8:59pm

Weekday Shachris:
Sun Jun 18 6:45am/7:30am
Mon Jun 19 5:45am/6:30am
Tue Jun 20 5:45am/6:45am
Wed Jun 21 5:45am/6:45am
Thu Jun 22 5:45am/6:30am
Fri Jun 23 5:45am/6:45am
Mincha: 7:55pm

Weekday Shachris:
Sun Jun 25 6:45am/7:30am (Rosh Chodesh)
Mon Jun 26 5:45am/6:30am
Tue Jun 27 5:45am/6:45am
Wed Jun 28 5:45am/6:45am
Thu Jun 29 5:45am/6:30am
Fri Jun 30 5:45am/6:45am
Mincha: 7:55pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 7:15pm (5:15pm Erev Shabbos)

Calendars:  June 2017

Zmanim 90035

Note: May differ slightly from minhagei Anshe Emes.