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Weekly Parsha: Bechukosai

The Book of Vayikrah concludes with Moshe contrasting the different responses that will follow the Jews’ obedience or defiance of Hashem’s commandments. Obedience will lead to peace and prosperity; abundant crops; and protection from our enemies. Defiance will lead to (among other things, and in stages of increasing severity): plagues; enemy sieges; and national exile. However, if the Jews repent, Hashem promises to once again remember His covenant with the Patriarchs and accept us once again as His people.


Emessaries: Emor

Shabbos Fri May 27

– Shachris: 5:45/6:45am
– Early Mincha: 6:15pm (prompt)
– Plag HaMincha: 6:28pm
– Candlelighting: 7:37pm
– Mincha: 7:40

Shabbos Day, May 21
– Shachris: 7:00/8:45am
– Women’s Pirke Avos: 5:00pm
– Mussar: 6:45pm
– Mincha: 7:30pm
– Shabbos Ends/Candle Lighting/Maariv: 8:48pm

Sun May 22 6:45/7:30am Pesach Sheni
Mon May 23 5:35/6:30am
Tue May 24 5:45/6:45am
Wed May 25 5:45/6:45am
Thu May 26 5:45/6:30am Lag B’Omer
Fri May 27 5:45/6:45am
Mincha: 7:40pm

Sun May 29 6:45/7:30am
Mon May 30 6:45/7:30am Legal Holiday
Tue May 31 5:45/6:45am
Wed Jun 01 5:45/6:45am
Thu Jun 02 5:45/6:30am
Fri Jun 03 5:45/6:45am
Mincha: 7:45pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 7:00pm

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