End of Summer Picnic

Join us for our End of Summer Picnic – September 18: 11am – 2pm. Photo gallery inside.

Shavuos 5776

Shavuos program info, all night learning, and first day kid’s ice cream and women’s shiur.

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Weekly Parsha: Ki Savo

Weekly Parsha: Ki Savo. Bikurim, Ma’aser, Mts. Eval and Gerizim, blessings and consequences, final address by Moshe Rabbeinu

Weekly Parsha: Netzavim

Weekly Parsha: Netzavim. A Covenant with Hashem, Curses, Teshuva, Choice Between Life and Death.


Emessaries: Ki Savo

Shabbos Fri Sep 22

– Shachris: 5:45/6:45am
Candlelighting: 6:28pm
– Mincha: 6:35

Shabbos Day, Sep 23
– Shachris: 7:00/8:45am
– Mussar: 5:35pm
– Mincha: 6:20pm
– Shabbos Ends/Maariv: 7:37pm
Slichos: 12:45am

Weekday Shachris:

Sun Sep 18 6:45/7:30am
Mon Sep 19 5:45/6:30am
Tue Sep 20  5:45/6:45am
Wed Sep 21  5:45/6:45am
Thu Sep 22 5:45/6:30am
Fri Sep 23 5:45/6:45am
Mincha: 6:35pm

Weekday Slichos/Shachris:
Sun Sep 25 6:45/7:30am Slichos 12:45am
Mon Sep 26 5:20/6:00am
Tue Sep 27  5:20/6:15am
Wed Sep 28  5:20/6:15am
Thu Sep 29 5:20/6:00am
Fri Sep 30 5:20/6:15am
Mincha: 6:25pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 6:05pm

· September 2016

Zmanim 90035

Note: May differ slightly from minhagei Anshe Emes.